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Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions

Tools Required:

Drill, 3/32 bit, small Phillips screw driver, utility knife, small nail.

  1. Remove any existing hardware from around the inside opening. The surface should be clean, dry, and smooth.

  2. Before removing the backing from the Adhesive Sheet (A), place sheet over the opening, centering the sheet from left to right and allowing 5/8 of overlap at the bottom and mark outline with a pencil.

  3. Remove the backing from the Adhesive Sheet (A) and press firmly into place on the surface of the door or wall.

  4. Use a utility knife to cut (remove) the material covering the existing opening.

  5. Place the Cover Sheet (B) over the Adhesive Sheet (A) with the top flush (even) and the sides overlapping approximately 1/16.

  6. With the rounded end facing down, place the Mounting Bar (C) flush at the top and sides of the Cover Sheet and mark the (3) holes with a small nail.

  7. Drill (3) 3/32 holes thru the two sheet and approximately 1/2 deep in the door (wall).

  8. Place Mounting Screws (D) thru Hinged Cover (E) and secure to door (wall).